The Shepherd's Tale

by Stone Droners

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    Cover Photo by Eliska Nikodemova

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The Shepherd's Tale

I drove my flock over the hills
And up through the mountain pass
To the high valley silent and still
With the sky filled lake and soft green grass.

The craggy peaks surround this place
The lake a mirror blue and white
It brings joy to my tired face
So safe I do not fear the night.

Towards afternoon I saw some birds
Sounds I heard from all around
A voice singing strange old words
I did not know with strange old sounds.

Images moved on the crystal blue
Reflecting here the blazing light,
Signs of the prophet speaking true
Shimmering birds in true winged flight.

A pair of doves alighted near
Upon a stone, straight from the sky
The sound they spoke warbled, clear
And suddenly I began to cry.

Was it sadness or joyous glee
I could not say for certain
My heart was locked a mystery
A chamber hid behind a curtain
I thought of my bride so lovely
In whose embrace I long to be

Yet, I felt a deep contentment
The rush of rivers flowing
The heavens broke through in a moment
As above so below in secret knowing!

I saw my Father’s grave, just filled
Was it his voice I heard?
Or the voice of the mountains thrilled
By the vibration of the primordial word,
Or the voice of the sky sacred blue
Or the voice of my beloved true?

I sat as the sky darkened
My flock gathered in against the chill
Lost in feeling I hearkened...
The vision came from where it willed.

Here on the wings of evening,
Here at the close of day,
Here the starry sky expanding,
Radiant the milky way.

Here a humble shepherd sleeping
Hear me, now, hear me pray!
Among the sheep a soul ascending
In their radiance I play.


released May 5, 2015

Joseph Jelayek: Mijwiz, Didg, Horn, Sampling, Vocals
Miroush Dabou: Rebab, Base, Percussion
Bereshti Sasiyya: Semseya, Oud, Guitar

The Mijwiz is a droning reed flute. The Rebab is a sort of viola or spike fiddle traditional among Beduin Tribes. The Semseya is a traditional desert harp.



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Nathan Glick Palampur, India

Nathan Glick was born in the US in 1960.

Nathan is a psychotherapist, spiritual mentor and a student of ancient mystical texts. He is a self taught guitarist who began playing in his teens and now uses wave editing programs to create sound constructions for expanding one's horizons. He currently may be encountered in various locations, East and West. ... more

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