Textures of Life Insensate

by Nathan Glick

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Does the mind arise in the world, or does the world arise in the mind? Are qualities seen or revealed? Is life in the know-er or in the knowledge? Does the Universe have a soul?


released February 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Nathan Glick Palampur, India

Nathan Glick was born in the US in 1960.

Nathan is a psychotherapist, spiritual mentor and a student of ancient mystical texts. He is a self taught guitarist who began playing in his teens and now uses wave editing programs to create sound constructions for expanding one's horizons. He currently may be encountered in various locations, East and West. ... more

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Track Name: Voice
Sound of thought, sound of feeling

Ever present world surrounding

Joys of endless life infinite forms

Sorrow pain love loss exultation

Wisdom unequalled with the babble

Of a six month babe.
Track Name: String
Threads woven each as fine as

A gossamer spider's web

Our lives like beads of dew

Strung together embroidery

On the tapestry of the world

Any wonder, then, that I wait for

Your daily call.
Track Name: Metal
You civilizing substance, shining malleable

Conquering others, bent to our will

Shortening life and creating tools to save

Banging crushing chiming shining lovely;

Your advance is the march of our kind

And our undoing too.
Track Name: Wood
I long for a simple life

Under a canopy of leaves

Surrounded by trees, wood

To be gathered, fashioned

In to rough implements

Clacking rhythms at night

Insects singing in darkness

A spirit touches me old as time

But I am not there, just occasionally.