Coffee at Abby's Windowsill 5​:​45 AM

by Nathan Glick

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Nathan, after a cramped flight from Tel Aviv, by way of Madrid, finally arrived at Kennedy. From there he took a train to his daughter Abby’s home. Abby and her husband Eff were gracious hosts. Their apartment was comfortable and homey. Nathan soon found himself blissfully asleep.

But dreams arose full of the jagged feelings of incessant travel, railway rumblings, bus brakes screeching, monotone airport announcements, jets of cold air wafting through an overcrowded economy section redolent with the smell of too many people. Nathan found himself awake at 5 am. Not surprising, he thought glumly to himself.

He fumbled about in the kitchen, and made himself a cup of coffee. Nathan loves coffee with a passion, and drinks it like a sacrament, or at least with the reverence of a shaman ingesting a holy hallucinogen. Indeed, suddenly the gates of perception were opened. It was not that he saw something out of the ordinary. Rather he saw simply what was there. A shelf placed in front of the windowsill, with a few bottles of spices, an assortment of small cacti, and a view of Brooklyn merging with the Manhattan skyline.

Nathan placed his mug on the windowsill, and looking out over the massed shapes of buildings and electric lights, felt the presence of the sleeping giant, dreaming hopeful dreams. He felt the old volcanic granite softened by years and laced with living electric currents. As light came, he felt the underground travelers, off to early work, waiting for shafts of sunlight to beam into myriad tunnels. Slowly dawn came to the skyscrapers, glistening yellow on panes of glass, and Nathan felt the old wasting and crumbling and the new arising in construction. For this behemoth, huge and barely self aware, like any living thing, is endless becoming and waning.

“Daddy!” said a sweet voice from behind. Nathan turned to see Abby and Eff, still looking sleepy and somewhat concerned. “Don’t worry, kids, I couldn’t sleep. That is all.” He said. “Yeah those international flights can be hard on you!” said Eff. Abby looked at Eff and there was no hiding the love in her eyes. Nathan knew then that he too had been blessed.


released July 8, 2011



all rights reserved


Nathan Glick Palampur, India

Nathan Glick was born in the US in 1960.

Nathan is a psychotherapist, spiritual mentor and a student of ancient mystical texts. He is a self taught guitarist who began playing in his teens and now uses wave editing programs to create sound constructions for expanding one's horizons. He currently may be encountered in various locations, East and West. ... more

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